realme C3 - The Real Meaning Behind The Letter C

Find out what the C really means

The first realme C1 device was launched back in 2018, with the goal of being affordable and visually appealing. There's no doubt that realme has continually kept these features with each new iteration, especially with the soon-to-launch realme C3. But what does the C represent?

It's never been really mentioned but in truth the C stands for colour. realme in general has always been about colour, with the ColorOS being their main OS before the switch to the realme UI. It makes sense as colour is used to represent a myriad of things; feelings and moods, cultures and personalities, interests and preferences.

With the realme C series, the target being the youth and young, it represents the colours of youth. This is why the whole point of the realme C3 is to be customisable and use colours that represent what you would want. From choosing the right wallpapers, customising the icon, to even setting the timing to when you want dark mode, you have the power to set the colours you want to see that's unique and suitable to you.

In terms of design, the realme C3 also comes in two colours; Blazing Red and Frozen Blue. It comes in a new Sunrise Design, meant to represent the power and hope that the first rays of sun brings us. It also represents the enthusiasm and endless possibilities of the young generation, fitting for the realme C series which is all about catering to the youth.

Be it strong and powerful, cool and calm, vibrant and happy, or even natural and fresh, the realme C3 is able to represent the colours you want to see in your world.

If you believe the realme C3 fits your needs, get ready as the realme C3 is set to launch 3 March 2020! Be sure to catch the livestream on realme’s Facebook and Youtube pages as there's a surprise promised and get ready to purchase the device on Shopee