realme C3 Comes With The Best Features; Dual Mode Music Share, Focus Mode, 3-Finger Selected Screenshot, and Personal Information Protection

It’s the best way forward

Sure, the realme C3 is all about gaming and entertainment, but it comes with plenty of features that's bound to make your life a lot easier and secure. With the realme C3 coming in with the pre-installed realme UI, you'll get more features that would offer the best and secure experiences to get what you need done. This includes features such as:

Dual Mode Music Share

Want to share your music with another person via bluetooth? There’s the Dual Mode Music Share that enables you to connect a pair of wireless earbuds and a wired earphone simultaneously, so you both can listen to the same song played from the same realme smartphone. This feature is supported if one user is listening to music in Bluetooth and wired headphones simultaneously. Also, if one user is on call through bluetooth, one side of the earphone is attending to the call while the other earphone remains listening in the background!

Focus Mode

Being productive can be tough when you have so many distractions on your smartphone. This is why there's Focus Mode, which will turn on DND (Do Not Disturb), prevent new notifications from swarming in, and you can choose one of the four built-in tunes to keep yourself calm and soothe your nerves should you be feeling stressed out.

3-Finger Selected Screenshot

Taking screenshot can be essential but sometimes the editing aspect can be a bit of a hassle. But the realme UI features makes it easy as all you have to do is to use 3 fingers, press and hold on your screen, then swipe to capture the selected part of the screen. No more cropping is needed, and taking a partial screenshot is done with just one step.

Personal Information Protection

After all is said and done, nothing is more important to your productivity than doing it all in a secure environment. That's why by turning on “Personal Information Protection” in realme UI, the system will provide empty information pages when the apps are requesting to access the user’s personal information. This ensures your call history, contacts and messages stay private, and prevents any information leak.

Get all these features and more with the realme C3 is set to launch 3 March 2020! Be sure to catch the livestream on realme’s Facebook and Youtube pages as there's a surprise promised and get ready to purchase the device on Shopee!