Tech Loaded Dual Front Cameras of the realme 6 Pro Serve to Impress Selfie Enthusiasts

You Can Now Shoot Selfie Videos in Slow Mo!

We had recently talked about the realme 6 Pro’s rear camera performance here and unveiling the smartphone as the world’s first to be equipped with the Snapdragon 720G processor here. The realme 6 Pro is the top in the realme 6 series and it’s revealed to have a huge leap in upgrades from its predecessor, the realme 5 Pro. But what about its selfie cameras, which are normally neglected in most smartphones? Well, read on to find out about how the realme 6 Pro can truly enhance your selfie experience, not just in photos but videos too. 


Not One But Two Tech Loaded Selfie Cameras

Starting from the front, the main selfie camera is a 16MP Sony wide-angle lens with IMX471 while the secondary selfie camera is an 8MP 105°super wide-angle camera! The shooting range of the selfie camera configuration is now 2.5 times compared to before. Additionally, the Edge Deformity Correction software of the 6 Pro can recognize faces, which then automatically optimizes the facial contours for a more presentable selfie shot (sample shots below).

The primary lens is a 16MP Sony IMX471 Sensor with f/2.1 aperture. It has a 2.0μm pixel size and applies the Quad Bayer’s 4 in 1 intelligent pixel binning mechanism, which combines four adjacent pixels to create sharper and more enhanced resolution for the photographs even when they are shot in low-light settings.

Here’s an example of a beautiful selfie shot taken using the realme 6 Pro.

Secondly, the 8MP ultra wide-angle lens has a 105° shooting angle while having an aperture of f/2.2 as well as a 5P lense. Gone are the days when it’s impossible to take wide-angle selfie photographs due to the front camera limitations. The realme 6 Pro has effectively breached that technological barrier so users can now indulge in capturing more areas in a selfie or even “wefie”, making group shots an effortless endeavour.

An example of a wide-angle selfie taken using the ultra wide-angle 8MP lens of the realme 6 Pro.

It’s so easy to take a group selfie photograph with the realme 6 Pro!

Selfie Videos Will Now Be Revolutionary With the Realme 6 Pro

The software for the dual selfie cameras is so powerful that you can even turn on portrait mode during video recording to get a consistently real-time bokeh effect. That’s how powerful the realme 6 Pro has become after the huge tech upgrades from its predecessor.

Selfie videos taken using the front cameras can now access bokeh effect with a simple slider, so that you can adjust the level of background blur.

Finally, if you’re a fan of slow-mo videos, good news, the realme 6 Pro front camera also supports Slow-motion Video Recording at 1080p/120fps.

You can now take awesome action selfie videos and have them rendered in slow motion. This feature is amazing for capturing special moments or activities, especially when you don’t have a videographer to take the shot for you. The realme 6 Pro makes it possible for content creators to do so much more, all in one device.


The realme 6 Pro front cameras are no ordinary selfie shooters. They have so much tech going on that your selfie photos and videos can be enhanced in ways no other concurrent smartphone can. As they are both in-display, it effectively frees up the screen space, giving you more screen-to-body ratio at 90.5%.

The wide-angle front camera will enable you to include more subjects for a great selfie or wefie; while taking videos of yourself can be manipulated to suit your creativity and fancy. All in all, the realme 6 Pro’s front cameras are revolutionary for its price tag.