Airpods for Android - realme Buds Air Is Equipped With Dynamic Bass Boost Driver

So you can always be immersed in the sounds you want to hear

It may be easy to believe that wireless headphones can't deliver the same level of powerful music the way wired headphones does. That can't be further from the truth, as wireless headphones, despite how light and tiny they are, are capable of producing the best sounds ever.

This is definitely the case with the realme Buds Air. Equipped with an imported LCP advanced multi-layer composite diaphragm and a big 12mm sound unit, the realme Buds Air delivers a powerful sound experience with thunderous bass hits without compromising on the original richness and fidelity of the sound. So you'll always get the best audio experience the moment you put the realme Buds Air on.

The realme Buds Air also features a custom DBB (Dynamic Bass Boost) solution that has been optimised by realme's expert acoustics team after over thousands of rounds of testing. With so much effort in testing, the results give the realme Buds Air further dynamism and dimension added to the bass, making listening to music and even watching movies a more immersive experience!

Getting all that powerful sound can be easily daunted when you're outdoors and dealing with environmental noise. But the realme Buds Air covers even that, as it comes equipped with two microphones to achieve ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation technology) to intelligently identify every word and filter out any background noise. Even during calls, your voice will remain clear in a noisy environment. So if you want to block out the world to really immerse yourself in your music or movies, the realme Buds Air will help you do just that.

We're just a few days away from the official launch of the realme Buds Air on 14 January 2020! So be sure to follow realme Malaysia on Facebook for the latest updates on all things realme.