Adapting to the latest generation of smartphones that doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack would mean to embrace a wireless approach to experience  any form of audio . Some of us are professional multi-taskers who are always on-the-go, and would need a soundtrack to accompany us for our  journey. Going wireless may sound a bit pricey, but with the Plantronics BackBeat GO 410 we will find out if it’s worth the money to go from 3.5mm dongle adapter to wireless.


The BackBeat GO 410 has a premium look and feel with the simple grey and black colour scheme, and the highly durable rubber and thick plastic mold. The whole earphones is super-light, weighted at 35 grams. Even after long use, you barely notice it’s there and also not forgetting that the earpiece is really comfortable as well.


When we think of wireless earphones, it’s quite common to associate its use during  a workout at the gym or even when commuting. The wireless range of the BackBeat GO 410 is up to 30 meters, so you can leave your phone in your bag while always stay connected to your music throughout your gym session. In my sessions, the earbuds has never slipped out throughout thanks to its snug fit. With the Fettuccine cables, you’ll be worry-free from having a tangled mess especially after storing them in bags.


The buttons are very well indicated so you don’t have to look at the controls while you jog. Being a premium build, it can be really stiff to press on the buttons at first, but it should get softer over time. The overall design of the earphones looks like it’s well thought out, from the thicker materials used on each connecting points to the control layout designed with the dedicated BackBeat app (Available on App Store and Google Play). The smart magnetic earbuds connects both sides together when not in use and will help save its battery life by turning off by itself. Getting back to full battery would take you about 2 hours charge time, so charging it before sleep is the optimum time but can be a bummer when it dies on you during the day.


The BackBeat app lets you customize your listening experience. It tells you how much listening time you have left, configure the equalizer and the level of noise cancellation.


On first listen, you can immediately tell it’s lacking in the lower mids frequency. The bass is quite punchy but can be muddy when the song has a complex bassline or a busy action scene. The higher frequencies aren’t harsh with the cymbals but can crack on really high frequencies. Don’t get me wrong, the instrument separation is really present as we did our regular “Bohemian Rhapsody” test, and you can tell where each instrument is coming from. With the high mid frequency boosted, Brian May really rocks you in the face with his guitar.


There’s a price range where quality and affordability meets, and this lands somewhere in the middle. The BackBeat GO 410 is a really good start to get into quality wireless earphones which is going to replace the ones that comes with your phone. With the long battery life, the premium build quality, it is a bang for your buck.

Stuff says... 

Plantronics BACKBEAT GO 410 review

There are lots of different wireless earphones out there but this one really shows premium build quality and engineered designed for a really good user experience.
Good Stuff 
Dedicated app to configure the earphones
Great battery life
Premium build quality
Bad Stuff 
Slow bluetooth connection
Long charging time
Quite pricey for what its offering