It’s rare to see a mid-range phone have as much tech and hardware as a high-range one, but the OPPO F11 Pro sure proved it was possible. The launch came with plenty of fanfare and excitement, all for good reason. This smartphone is packed with plenty of tech that makes it outstanding among the many mid-range smartphones available now.

It’s a looker for sure

The OPPO F11's design is undoubtedly attractive, with a gorgeous gradient colours that come in either black (Thunder Black) or green (Aurora Green). You would think that black is a plain, corporate, unattractive colour on a smartphone, but the Thunder Black's gradient is impressive and gorgeous.

The back has a polycarbonate finish which feels a bit off-place when a glass finish would give it a more premium look. But it's an attractive smartphone to hold and see nonetheless.

The alignment and setup of the camera and the fingerprint scanner on the back is also really well done, as there's no bumps or notches. Just a smooth back design that's bound to make the F11 Pro a favourite to keep around. As for the front, you would notice it lacks a camera (more on that later) which means you will get a full 6.5-inch FHD+ IPS LCD screen with a 90.9% screen-to-body ratio, the largest ever especially for an F series device. Videos and games definitely look amazing here.

As for the front camera, well, it's a pop up camera! So everytime you set it to front camera mode, the camera pops up quietly and seamlessly, and pops back in the same when you're done. Oppo has confirmed that they've done enough testing to be sure that the pop-up camera can do this thousands of times with no issues, so there shouldn't be any concern.

But from this, we really need to talk about that camera.

Leading in portrait shots

Oppo has always been known as the leader in all things selfie and low light settings. Well now they hope to dominate the market by offering a camera that brings out the best in portrait shots. They've taken things to the next level with a 48MP image sensor accompanied by a 5MP depth sensor. This means gorgeous ultra-high-resolution shots, and with Tetracell technology that improves light sensitivity, so even night shots appear clear and bright.

It comes with two other modes: the Ultra Night Mode and the Dazzle Colour Mode. All of which aim to make each shot you take meaningful and memorable with vibrant colours, even in low light situations.

Features that optimise your experience

If there's another standout feature to note about the F11 Pro, it's their Hyper Boost. The feature enables the smartphone to be faster and more responsive experience and as you try it, you can definitely feel it. This is even more apparent as you're gaming, as there has been no issues of lag or slow response.

It's important to note that the Hyper Boost also provides specific optimisation for 11 popular games which include PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) and AOV (Arena of Valor), allowing players to have the best possible mobile experience using the F11 Pro.

The battery on this is also impressive with a 4000mAh battery, which is a 14% increase in capacity compared to the previous generation. Even charging is faster thanks to the VOOC 3.0 technology that maintains high voltage during trickle charging, thus shortening the overall charging time by 20 minutes.

There are some hit or miss aspects

Despite some really great tech, it does have some basic hardware issues that many won’t find attractive. There’s nothing to shout about audio-wise, seeing as the speakers are at the bottom and offer nothing new in audio quality. Another hit or miss, depending on you preference, but the F11 Pro still uses a micro-USB rather than a USB-C. As most phones today use USB-C, it’s odd to see a future-looking smartphone use an old connection.

Even with that said it’s hard to deny the OPPO F11 Pro. With a price of MYR 1,399, you have to admit it is incredibly affordable especially when you consider the features and hardware that comes with it. If you can, I definitely recommend the OPPO F11 Pro if you’re looking for a smartphone with a powerful camera and want a great gaming experience.

Stuff says... 

OPPO F11 Pro review

It brings out the best a smartphone can offer with a great price to boot.
Good Stuff 
Remarkable camera
Long battery life
Affordable price tag
Bad Stuff 
Unlocking via face recognition may be odd for some
No wireless charging
Lackluster audio