Catch up on 10 years of the X-mini

A timely throwback to Singapore's innovative tiny portable speakers brand

You’ve probably owned one, showed it off and snuck it in to school; it was the ultimate party companion thanks to its superb portability and ability to link up with other devices for extra volume.

Xmi Pte Ltd, makers of our beloved X-Minis, has had it quite rough over the past few years due to evolving business models and playing catch up to new technology. Now, the brand that kick started the whole tiny portable speakers trend is back with a plan to reestablish themselves as kings of the mini-speakers.

Its new strategy taps on e-commerce, so we can expect to see waves of Xmi products on Amazon and Lazada. Also hugely exciting are their plans to incorporate Xmi sound systems into all sorts of tech, like massage chairs to TVs and cars.

We’ve already seen how well Xmi works in tight confines, and you can bet these are going to sound stellar. But before we get ahead of ourselves, how about a good throwback to recall the great things that have come out of the Xmi factory – stuff you probably owned before. 

The Original X-mini

You remember this, don't you? The original X-mini took off like a rocket, introducing a never-seen-before Bass Expansion System (BXS), an accordion-like chamber that allowed the very small speakers to expand, producing richer sounds.

We had never seen anything of the sort and everyone went crazy for it, duplicating its ingenious design even to this date. The world loved it so much, it won many awards including the Red Dot Design Award. It would go on to win it a whopping six times. 

Buddy Jacking

The second generation of X-mini speakers brought a cool new feature to the party. You probably remember “buddyjacking”, which is linking up a few X-minis to form a chain of speakers, producing even more volume to crank up your Friday nights. It’s a brilliant innovation that really set the tiny Xmi speakers apart (and probably won you extra friends too).