Designer analyses Apple Watch creation process, calls it near-impossible to match

It's the little touches that apparently make the Watch the real contender

Industrial designer Greg Koenig was so impressed with what he saw in Apple's sneak peek videos about how the various editions of the Apple Watch were made, he wrote a detailed writeup.

In it he likens what Apple does to far more than a process, but calls it a "ritual" created just to "bring themselves up to the standards necessary to compete against companies with centuries of experience."

You get what you pay for

Koenig detailed what's going on in the various videos, taking note of little touches that, while not particularly special to the layman, impressed the designer. For instance, he points out that even on the lower-priced Sport Watch, Apple shows ingeniuity in the manufacturing process. The radius on the edge of the Sport, Koening points, is not machined but produced perfectly in the aluminium extrustion process.

He says that unless you're willing to invest huge sums of money for specialised equipment or an expert to hand polish device parts, Apple is hard to beat.

The writeup is worth the read if you find the more technical bits of manufacturing devices interesting. Or use the choicier bits to justify buying an Apple Watch. You're welcome.

[Source: Core77]