With smartphone cameras being the primary cameras for content creators who are beginners, taking that content to the next step by using an actual stand-alone camera may be daunting. But the Nikon Z50 aims to break that barrier by being not only light and compact, but also equipped with plenty of features that would attract any content creator - even beginners.

Looks and feel

As such, I really liked the looks and feel of the camera. They weren't kidding when they claim the Nikon Z50 as light and compact, and I barely felt any strain as I hung it around my neck. The controls feel intuitive, and the tiltable screen is definitely a great addition to have as I could take and view pictures of the food models on the table and could clearly see how the picture would end up looking. Definitely a great camera for travellers or those whon like to vlog on the go.

But that's not all, it can also be tilted all the way to the front, so you can take pictures like a selfie and ensure you get the best angles for your content.

On the top of the camera are the mode dial and different buttons that actually look similar to the Z6 and Z7, all set on the right side. This makes it possible to hold and set the camera with one hand, though mostly on the right. On the fun side, you can also take pictures using the screen and using the viewfinder also proved to be easy and detailed. It didn't feel narrow at all, and details can also be seen clearly through it.

Clear pictures

Based on the quick hands-on experience, the camera is quick to pick up on a target subject and enhance it brilliantly, especially in well lit locations. Overall, the pictures look amazing though it came off as a bit too bright (likely cause I'm not much of a photographer) but there's no doubt that it's well detailed and clear. Videos were not as impressive, but likely again due to bad setting on my side.

It's a pity I couldn't test out with the other lense that the Nikon Z50 is being marketed with, but I can imagine this would be a great addition to have to really make the pictures come out. According to Eunice Martin Lim, a professional photographer and food stylist, she uses the Nikkor Z DX 16-50mm lens to take her food photography pictures and is very pleased with her results, which is exactly the lens I used to take the above picture. Undoubtedly, it was impressive.

Final Verdict

I'm hoping to get more of a chance to truly experience the camera's different settings but for now, based on this quick hands-on experience, the Nikon Z50 is definitely impressive. But with a lot of cameras that also cater to new users and content creators, it may need a little more features to make it stand out from the crowd. As of now, the biggest factor is that you can customise the camera with a vlogger setup, where you can have a tripod, lights and a microphone attached to it easily making it a portable vlogging machine. But other than that, there's little more to say on the side of content creators.