ZTE's next Nubia promises to be near bezel-less too

Full screen phones are on trend right now

It seems as though we'll have to get used to smudging our phone screens more now that bezel-less phones are a thing. ZTE already trimmed the bezels off its Nubia Z17 but looks as though it will present even slimmer bezels on an upcoming phone.

Another magical option

ZTE put up the teaser photo for the new phone on Weibo and while being light on details, from the photo it can be inferred that the glass will stretch all the way to the sides while possibly leaving a sliver on bezel on top.

It's not as though the company hasn't tried to do bezel-less. The Nubia Z17 also has no side bezels but its top and bottom have bezels that are fairly thick when compared to the competition's.

Specs are also unclear and it's surprising ZTE already has new Nubia plans so soon after the release of the flagship Z17. The only question is whether this new phone will also be a flagship grade phone or if it will be more of a midranger.

With the next Xiaomi big Xiaomi phone coming Sept 11 and the Huawei Mate 10 in October, ZTE might have a challenge standing out but we'll see if the next Nubia has what it takes.

[Source: GizmoChina]