ZTE Patents New Clamshell Design for Foldable Phone

This is actually what I initially imagined

Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE has filed a new patent, showing a foldable smartphone design akin to the Motorola RAZR - which is a clamshell design that folds vertical into a more compact form factor.This design is definitely dissimilar to the two foldable phones from MWC 2019 - The Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X, that folds from tablet size to regular smartphone size. Both designs have their appeal but as someone who doesn’t want to carry around a folded tablet, this clamshell design is more down my alley.

From the patent, you can see a few design features - first is that the top half is thinner and shorter, only cover about two thirds of the bottom half. This could be where notifications are displayed when the phone is folded close.Next, you’ve probably noticed the dual camera on the bottom half with a possible absence of front camera. When open, the display has thin bezels and a full display with the exception of hinges in the middle.

This is actually what I imagined when rumours started to creep out about foldable smartphones some years ago - a regularly sized smartphone that folds into a smaller size, like an old-timey cigarette case.

Source: LetsGoDigital