ZTE Axon goes official in China

The phone has some minor differences from the version launched in the US

ZTE launched not one, but three devices in China. The first was its Axon phone, which made its US showing last week and surprise, surprise, a wearable in the Axon Watch. It also debuted the Spro 2 smart projector.

The China variant of the Axon phone shares the same design as the US version, but has an additional fingerprint scanner and dual-SIM support. It also has three different biometric options, with fingerprint, voice and eye-scans. The fingerprint scanner also supports NFC payments.

It also comes with 128GB of internal memory (expandable to 256GB) and Corning’s Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass.

ZTE will have the phone on preorder in China today via ZTE’s online store. There are two variants, the 128GB model which goes for 3888 yuan (RM2380) and the cheaper 32GB which sells for 2699 yuan (RM1650). As to colour options, you can choose between Ion Gold and Chromium Silver. A ZTE Axon Mini version is also in the works.

As for the Axon Watch, its 1.4-inch Gorilla Glass screen has a sapphire coating, while its battery is rated at 300 mAh. It has 4GB of internal storage, 512MB of RAM and Bluetooth 4.11. It runs on the Tencent OS, jointly developed by ZTE and Tencent. No pricing details have been released yet.

As to the Spro 2 projector, it’s highly portable with mobile hotspot features, a 5in Android screen and supports voice commands. It’s priced at 3699 yuan (RM2260) and will also go on sale later today.