Zeus is a pint-sized fighting robot

This battle-bot can pack a serious punch

Would you pay US$1600 (RM6360) for a battle robot? China-based Pilot Labs is thinking you might.

This will hurt

It’s not a very big robot – think 35.5cm, and weighs 2.2k. And it’s called Zeus. Despite its small size, it can generate 25kg of force in one punch.

There will be several versions of the robot apparently, including servo models in the following weights: 14kg, 22kg and 32kg.

Back to Zeus. It will allow you to create your own battle maneuvers, but comes with pre-assigned moves for you to get started. In time, Pilot Labs also plans to add voice commands. Shouting at your robot to pulverize its opponent certainly sounds fun.

You will also be provided with the design specifications, allowing you to print your own 3D armour should you decide to buy a Zeus of your own.

Expect it out this year on Amazon.

[Source: TNW]