The Zero Electric Scooter Vespa will save you from Segway embarrassment

It’s a Vespa, it’s a Segway, labels don’t matter because you’ll want one anyway
Zero Electric Scooter Vespa will save you from Segway embarrassment

My eyes must be deceiving me. Is that a Vespa Segway?

Bingo, unless we’re all going blind simultaneously. The Zero Electric Scooter Vespa will save the earth one battery bar at a time, put you in the Hipster Hall of Fame, and redeem traumatising Segway-riding all at the same time. Triple score.  

Someone out there must have heard my prayers.

Or maybe, someone out there just decided that the mostly embarrassing Segway could use a cooler set of clothes. That someone being Spanish design outfit Bel & Bel, who also upcycles old Vespa parts into new furniture if you’re looking to fuel your unhealthy Vespa obsession.

I must have one!

Then you really should hurry up. The handbuilt Zero Electric Scooter Vespa is available in limited numbers at €2995 (RM13,600) a pop. Manufactured with genuine Piaggio parts, you’ll also get to customise the personal vehicle in your choice of colours, vinyl and even your favourite Hells Angels logos, though we reckon this is enough of a stop-and-stare.

Perfection takes patience, 15 days to be exact, before you can go riding off into the sunset. 

They see me rollin’, they hatin’

They see me rollin’, they hatin’

Before you begin mouthing off on your ride, you should know that this electric machine is more Segway than Vespa in terms of innards. It’s capable of whizzing silently up to a maximum speed of 20kph and a distance of up to 35km on a single charge. Needless to say, you won’t be outriding any haters, but who needs speed when you’ve got the power of mind-melting confusion?

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Source: CoolThings