ZeniMax gives sneak peek into The Elder Scrolls Online character building

New video gives brief lowdown of what to expect in this hotly anticipated MMO
The Elder Scrolls Online

Whether you like the idea of it being subscription-based or not, what is sure is that The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) will get a lot of attention.

ZeniMax Online Studios just released a neat video that shows how your character will progress through what looks like 2014's hottest new MMO.

Wizard, warrior or thief

Besides the usual 'kill a monster, gain XP' route, ESO adds what it calls sky shards and special quests to further your character along in MMO badassery.

Skyshards are interactive objects that are found scattered in the ESO world; find three of them and you will get a skill point.

Other than that, you do get the usual trappings of MMOs where as you level up, you can choose to assign your attribute points to one of the three main pools: health, magicka, and stamina. Then you amass skill points that will allow you to master specific talents.

The graphics in the video are pretty enough to compete with the best MMOs already out there; question is, will ESO be able to sustain itself in a world full of free-to-play MMOs? Still, seeing what a massive hit Skyrim was, we're betting there'll be plenty of initial signups for the game once it goes live early spring 2013.