Zee Avi offers single exclusivity to music streaming service Deezer

The Malaysian songstress sends an early invite to enjoy her latest track on the digital highway
Zee Avi offers Deezer single exclusivity

Here’s one for the music fans, especially those who got with the times and have been using digital music streaming services.

In anticipation of Malaysian multi-talented singer/songwriter, guitarist, ukulele player and visual artist Zee Avi's (who made her mark on YouTube) new album launch, Deezer is offering her Mockingbird single for a week exclusively on the music on demand site.

The exclusive deal makes it easier for you to access her latest music through Deezer, which presents a catalogue of more than 25 million tracks to stream through your smartphone, tablet or PC, even before its official release in music stores.

Many artistes like Zee are beginning to offer their music on streaming services, giving users access to a variety of promotions, such as album streams prior to their official release, as well as gig tickets.

In Asia alone, there's no lack of music talents, and services such as Deezer have been paying its due by sussing out and recommending acts worth of an entry in your music diary. As a result, it has given rise to more competing music-streaming services in Malaysia over the past year.

Talk about making some tough choices.

Mockingbird is part of Zee Avi’s children’s cover album Zee Avi's Nightlight, which is due to be released worldwide on 22 April. It includes covers of classic songs such as Dream A Little Dream, The Circle Game and Don’t Worry, Be Happy.