Zedd hopes you swipe right on Tinder for his new album

You'll then get his new album at just US$3.99

With how competitive the music market is, you can't fault musicians with trying to push digital boundaries. Zedd has decided, of all apps, to partner with Tinder to promote his album True Colors.

Swipe right and match with Zedd and you get to purchase his album for just US$3.99. It's a pretty good deal (if you're a fan) and considering all you need to do is swipe right for the discount, it's pretty novel as far as marketing campaigns go.

Tinder told Techcrunch the move isn't about generating revenue but a way to give its users exclusive access to deals like this. We wonder who next will try using a dating app to promote their goods. So, will you swipe right for Zedd?

[Source: Techcrunch]