Zagg has new keyboard cases for both the iPad Mini and the Pro

If you'd rather a Bluetooth keyboard over the smart connector official version

Gotta love Zagg and its reliability when it comes to trotting out shiny new keyboard cases for Apple's iPads. It's recently announced a new case for the latest iPad mini as well as one just for the iPad Pro.

Now it's mystifying why someone would prefer Zagg's keyboard for the iPad Pro but Zagg's designs are pretty slick and known to be pretty reliable. There are two keyboard cases: the Slim Book Pro (US$139.99) which comes with a detachable case for the iPad and the Messenger Universal (US$69.99) of which no details have yet to be announced.

For the iPad Mini 4 there's the Slim Book (US$119.99) and coming soon, by Sept 15, two folio cases that will be out on Sept 25 with a backlit and non-backlit version (US$99.99 and US$79.99 respectively).

As for the iPad Pro, expect the new keyboard cases to be out by November. 

[Source: Macrumors]