YouTube Videos Missing? COVID-19 Would Make It Harder To Bring It Back

The real-life virus affects Google and YouTube

With lock downs and restrictions happening globally due to COVID-19, and many of us are forced to stay home, we can expect streaming site numbers to soar and YouTube is no exception. This is great if you're a content creator and you have enough videos to entertain the masses, but if you're having some trouble with the site and your videos disappear, it's going to be harder to resolve it than usual.

YouTube has  an automated system that will take down videos that seem to violate the site's content policy, but being an AI it means that it's possible for videos to be taken down by accident which is why YouTube has a dedicated staff to sift through the videos instead to reconfirm if the video should be taken down or not.

As COVID-19 hits plenty of jobs and work spaces, YouTube has also requested that employees and contractors to work from home if possible, and will rely more on the AI than actual people instead which will lead to errors. Alphabet Inc's Google has shared this on their blog post, and has even added that turnaround times for appeals against these decisions may be slower.

On top of that, Google has also stated that human review of automated policy decisions would be slower for other products and indicated that phone support would be limited. This means Google related submissions such as ad campaigns running on the Google ad network, apps uploaded to the Google Play store and business reviews posted to Google Maps will also be affected.

While we do have a Google office here in Malaysia that would also be affected, Google's content review operations span several countries, including the United States, India, Singapore and Ireland.