YouTube rival Vessel giving away free year's membership to new signups

Signup for the service within the next three days and you'll get a year's worth of Vessel free

New video streaming service Vessel is taking a chance by giving out an entire year's worth of access. While a month's access is only US$2.99, who doesn't like a freebie? This is a quick way for Vessel to build an audience, if it has any hope of competing with YouTube.

YouTube famous unite

Is Vessel worth the signup? Well, there are quite a lot of big YouTube stars, but here's the thing - they're big, but on YouTube and/or online. There's a few news sites, popular channels such as, vlogs, makeup tutorials and pretty much whatever draws YouTube views in the first place.

Seeing as you have 72 hours to signup for a whole year of free service, nothing wrong with trying it out. The interface is slick, it is available online and on the App Store. Android users, as usual, will have to wait for their version of the Vessel app.

Bored of YouTube? Need more short , bite-sized video entertainment?  Then head on over to Vessel to signup before the end of the promotion period.

[Source: The Verge]