YouTube quietly mounting challenge to Twitch

Twitch might be the dominant player in game streaming, but Google isn't about to give up on entering the fray

Remember when Google was going to buy Twitch, but the deal fell through? Seems Google's not giving up, with whispers saying that YouTube has hired a bunch of engineers to see how it can do streaming better.



Gamer market savvy

YouTube for a while has had some luck streaming, with concerts and other live events. But that all faded away, with the company seeming to switch its focus towards gaming instead.

At the moment, YouTube has been streaming League of Legends games, but Twitch is still the dominant and preferred channel for live tournaments such as the recent DOTA International. Regional broadcasting rules has also often proven a barrier for YouTube's streaming ambitions.

It's likely there will be an official announcement at the next E3 expo coming June 16 to 18. What will YouTube be able to offer that Twitch can't? How will it allow users a better experience? Most importantly, how will it get Twitch's faithful subscribers to switch over? Google's got quite the big challenge.

[Source: DailyDot]