YouTube Music To Replace Google Play Music On Future Android 10 Devices

This means it will be pre-installed in future devices too

Looks like Apple isn't the only one updating their music and entertainment services. Google's Android announced that Google Play Music will be replaced with YouTube Music on devices that run Android 10 OS. The app will come pre-installed on all future devices that run Android 10 out of the box too. Before this, you needed to download YouTube Music separately on Google Play.

For Android devices with Android 9 Pie as well as Google Pixel, you will get an update (likely via an OTA update) to get the YouTube Music app. It's important to note though that the Google Play Music app won't be deleted in this update, as not everyone is ready to transfer their music library to the new app.

This actually isn't the first time YouTube Music has existed. The service first launched in 2015, but didn't get much traction and eventually failed. This round, Google has more than two billion YouTube monthly users, so it looks like they will be trying to monetise that number and likely convert them into paying subscribers. Currently,  YouTube Music has a little more than 15 million subscribers; a fraction of the number of YouTube users. Compared to both Apple and Spotify who are the dominant players in the music streaming industry, they have 60 and 108 million paying subscribers respectively. So YouTube Music has quite a bit of a challenge ahead.

There are other updates to look out for than YouTube Music of course; Android 10 brings new features like suggested actions in Smart Reply, improved Digital Wellbeing tools, Dark theme, and much more.