YouTube brings Knightmare back from the dungeons of time

The only way is onward, there is no turning back – the classic kids' game show returns for YouTube's Geek Week
YouTube Geek Week brings Knightmare back from the dungeons of time

Shark Week is overrated – which is why we're happy to report that YouTube is holding its very own Geek Week from 4-10 of August to celebrate all things nerdy.

More than 100 YouTube creators will reveal content ranging from superheroes and comics to gaming and Sci-Fi. But most importantly, Knightmare will be returning for a one-off YouTube special.

Waving goodbye to the UK screens in 1994, the real-life Dungeons & Dragons-like game show pitted four children against obstacles puzzles and unusual characters, with three of the contestants guiding the fourth as they stumbled around blindly in a mask. Sounds like a typical Friday night to us…

Other geek treats include videos from the likes of Brain Blessed and Jamie Oliver, while Kryten from Red Dwarf will host a daily 'best-of' video show.