YouTube on Android gets Mix playlist update

Enjoying YouTube on your Android device is now a lot more like the desktop version, with better video quality for users on Jelly Bean and above versions
YouTube on Android gets Mix playlist update

YouTube just recently updated its app for Android, with the most obvious change being a feature already seen by YouTube users for the desktop: YouTube Mix.

Basically the feature creates automatic playlists for artists that you search for on YouTube, but this is pretty much dependant on how much content an artist has on YouTube. If your chosen muse happens to have very few ‘official’ videos up, then you’re out of luck.

YouTube Mix’s results seem particularly skewed towards artists on Vevo so indie music lovers might be out of luck. But if you’re already using YouTube as your music streaming app of choice this comes as a welcome addition.

More music, more quality

YouTube on Android gets Mix playlist update

The auto-generated YouTube mix will have 50 videos, which once exhausted, will be refreshed with another 50 videos. Like the average playlist, you can choose to shuffle, skip or set videos on repeat.

Google also said on its app update notes that the quality has improved for Android users using Jelly Bean (Android 4.2) and up.

For those who comment a lot on YouTube, Google has added the ability to delete your comments as well as see if a comment was shared privately or publicly. Other ‘social’ additions include being able to share and like playlists from the YouTube app.

There’s also been a minor UI tweak where your liked and personal playlists will now appear in the left-hand guide drawer. This shows that Android is really trying to get you to watch more videos on your devices.

What we’d like to see: the ability for the app to run in the background like a real music app. But then, Google wouldn’t want us choosing YouTube over its own Google Music now, would it?

The change is apparently a server-side change so you won’t have to download any updates. But if you haven’t gotten the updated YouTube app then you can just go and download it from Google Play .

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