YouTube adds Reels to its Community offerings

Think of it as Instagram Stories but on YouTube

YouTube just announced a few changes to its Community program, the most interesting of which is its own take on Stories. Say hello to Reels.

Easier YouTube-ing

What is Reels, exactly? Well, it's a quick mobile video of no longer than 30 seconds that you can add stickers, music, text and filters to. Yep, like Instagram Stories.

The key difference here is that Reels won't disappear after 24 hours. And they offer YouTube creators a means to engage with fans via quick, 30-second videos that don't take too long to create or view.

Why would creators use Reels? Well, videos can take a long time to shoot and produce, especially with the bumped-up demands viewers have thanks to HD screens on both mobile and desktops. These short Reels would be a quick way to keep a YouTube channel alive without leaving too long a time between updates.

To watch them, viewers need to go to a special tab. However YouTube has yet to reveal when the new format will be made available and to whom, so if you're an active Community member, look out for it.

[Source: Techcrunch]