Your TwitPics are safe thanks to Twitter

Funnily enough, TwitPic's closure was partly caused by Twitter
Your TwitPics are safe thanks to Twitter

Remember when TwitPic said it was shutting down, thanks to pressure from Twitter to give up its domain name? TwitPic is still closing down but its image archives and your TwitPics will still live on. Twitter is claiming TwitPic's domain name and buying over the image archives.

Hello old pictures

Your TwitPics are safe thanks to Twitter

To be honest, you wonder why Twitter didn't just buy TwitPic in the first place instead of precipitating all the needless drama and wrangling over the TwitPic domain name?

The good news is that Twitter did finally buy over TwitPic but the service as it originally was is no longer accessible so you can no longer go to TwitPic to upload pictures. Hopefully you've already downloaded all your archives as it would be far easier to access them than relying on the website to remain open for ages.

Would Twitter actually be able to properly link the API so you can just access your TwitPics from the ordinary Twitter interface? Perhaps. It wouldn't be impossible especially as it has now become official Twitter property.

Twitter however is ambitiously striving to compete with other social media like Facebook, going through a revamp and possibly including other features like shopping. It would be sad, though, if Twitter just became indistinguishable from other social media services.

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[Source: UberGizmo]