Your Samsung Smartphone Out Of Warranty? Fix It Free During Samsung Member's Day

Samsung members have plenty to look out for

Being a Samsung Member has the usual perks of getting discounts and free stuff from certain stores. But looks like there are now some extra perks worth looking into; like fixing that broken Samsung smartphone that's now out of warranty.

Yes, you read that right. Samsung Malaysia will be running a Member's Day service campaign that will happen once a month. During this time, Samsung will offer a free phone health check-up as well as free cleaning kits and smart tips card. According to Samsung, customers with Samsung smartphone that is out of warranty are entitled to free labour charge after the checkup process is completed during the campaign day.

This means that if you need to replace the battery or other components as part of the repairs, you’ll just need to pay for the required spare part. The new parts will be covered by a 90-day parts warranty from the date of collection.

The first Samsung Member’s Day will start tomorrow, 29 June until the 31st August 2019. It’s valid only at selected authorised service centres on the last Saturday of the month.

It's also important to know that the Samsung Member’s Day campaign is applicable for walk-in Samsung smartphone customers. It isn’t eligible for employees, dealers, collection points, resellers, distributors and agents of companies connected to Samsung.

So if you're keen to get your Samsung device fixed without labour charges, you can go to the selected service centres below:

Be sure to find out more about the event on their official website.