Your iPhone will be able to survive crazy drops with the Mous Limitless case

Rejoice! There's hope for butterfingers everywhere

We all have that friend who keeps dropping or breaking phones. Or maybe you are that friend. Then maybe consider the Mous Limitless iPhone case.

An indiegogo project at the moment, the video evidence of the case's durability looks fairly convincing.

45ft crane action

Mous, the team behind the case, bought a new iPhone, put a Mous Limitless case on it and then proceeded to record on video the phone taking a drop from a 45ft crane.

How does a case as thin as the Limitless still manage to be protective? Mous attributes it to its own advanced smart-material, the Airo Shock which is engineered to offer protection without bulk.

There's even a choice of materials, including bamboo wood, black marble, kevlar carbon fiber, walnut, plastic, leather and white marble. All cases also come with a free one-touch magnetic mount.

One thing that will appeal to iPhone users is that the case will work with the iPhone 6, 6S and 7 as well as their Plus counterparts. The company says that it was to ensure customers could keep their iPhone cases for as long as possible.

If you're keen to order, then early bird orders will be charged US$29 (RM130), not including shipping and has so far managed to raise over 57 per cent of its funding target with 30 days to go. Get in on the action at Indiegogo.

[Source: Indiegogo via TNW]