Your Android Wear will have customisable watch faces in future

Until then, Google wants it to be under bolt and seal
Your Android Wear will have customisable watch faces in future

Customisable Android Wear watch faces will be the fancy of many, or at least, that’s what we’re presuming – you must be kidding yourself if you don’t want the likes of the code stream from The Matrix, a highlighted puzzle, or even a Star Trek inspired theme on your wrist.

And that’s what Google’s aiming to provide in the coming months, according to its design vice-president, Matias Duarte, who broke the search giant’s silence and confirmed the development recently.

He said the Android Wear team’s working on an application programming interface (API) for developers and people to build their own custom watch face.

Duarte claimed the team is striving to make the API “as simple as possible” for developers to work with, meaning they’re able to design these unique watch face designs easily, and ensure that it won’t drain the battery of your smartwatches or glitch up when you navigate through its interface.

All under wraps for now

Your Android Wear will have customisable watch faces in future

But Google doesn’t want these developers to release any of these watch face apps into the general Google Play store just yet – it wants creators to stick to alpha and beta versions until some official support is released.

If you’re already dying to get the feature on your LG G watch, Motorola Moto 360, or Samsung Gear Live (when you get your wrists on them in the coming weeks), you’ll have to hold your horses; the development will only arrive sometime later this year.

And the bad news is, creators will have to wait until Android Wear fully migrates to the Android L release before any of this even happens. So until then, we’ll have to play the usual waiting game.

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