You’ll soon be able to share multiple photos in a single post on Instagram

Like an infinitely more well curated Facebook album

So you’ve taken a bunch of photos and can’t decide which to post on Instagram because they’re All. So. Good.

We feel your pain. How dare social media etiquette prevent you from sharing 10 scenic shots of the ocean from your Boracay vacation all at once; what a travesty that the world is only updated about your dog’s bamboozling antics at 5-hourly intervals.

You want to overshare but you don’t want to piss off your followers either — it’s a dilemma. Well you’ll be able to have your cake and eat it because Instagram is rolling out an album feature that will let users upload multiple photos in a single post. 

It lets you select up to 10 photos from your gallery, edit and drop filters on them individually, then post them as a nifty carousel on your feed. Your followers can then scroll through the album and like or comment on each photo individually.

You can rearrange each image in the carousel, and add filters individually or all at once in the editing screen. Unfortunately you're stuck with posting square crops and one caption for the whole slideshow, for now.

Go forth and spam — in a single post, of course.

Here's a quick video intro from Instagram to show you how it works: