You wouldn't download a car – but now you can

Honda releases 3D printing data for five of its concept cars
Honda Acura NSX Concept 3D data

Got a 3D printer? Now you can print the car of your dreams. As long as it's a Honda.

Honda has released the 3D design data for five of its concept cars, ranging from the boxy Puyo to the gorgeous NSX Concept, as part of its "Super Ultra Daydreams" promotion.

You can download the 3D data from, manipulate it to your heart's content, and, yes, print it out; the files are in the .stl format, which can be read by 3D printers.

Obviously, Honda hasn't gone so far as to publish its complete design documents; these are more 3D models than accurate blueprints. So the cars you can print out will be a) tiny b) probably rendered in low-res ABS plastic and c) bereft of an engine. But hey – baby steps. And it'll make a nice model for your desktop.

While Honda's starting small, there's already a full-size 3D-printed car out there – the Urbee, built from ABS plastic and weighing in at a mere 545kg.

[Honda via Pistonheads]

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