You want thinner, lighter devices? Qualcomm’s working on it

The smartphone processor maker wants to push the boundaries with its technologies
Qualcomm wants to push the boundaries with its technologies

There are no boundaries when it comes to the development of more interesting and advanced technology, according to Qualcomm global market development business development senior director, Ziad Matar.

He claimed that since consumers are demanding smaller and faster devices with less battery consumption, the company has started working on making its technologies suitable to fit within these devices.

“Consumers want devices as thin as three credit cards put together but they also want it to last all day, to take amazing pictures, to play games, so the capabilities need to be there to support it,” he said.

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One of the main things Qualcomm is focusing on is battery life and enhanced connectivity speeds – Matar said the company’s working on technologies that enable quick charge features in addition to enhancing data speeds for consumers.  

“Ideally, we want to create something that doesn’t have to be plugged into the wall for so many hours to reach full charge. The other thing we’re working towards is dealing with mobile network operators to develop technologies to make speeds for consumers to the maximum level.”

Looking forward, Matar added that he predicts Qualcomm’s Zeroth processors will pave the way and address things like the Internet of Things. This technology basically does more than just what it’s programmed to do; it’ll actually learn from your usage patterns.    

“Zeroth is the brain of Qualcomm. It develops the interaction between not just people to people but people to things and things to things. We’ll always be innovating and aim to support as many operating systems as possible,” he concluded.  

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