You might see a MacBook Air with Retina Display by September this year

Cross your fingers if you want the rumoured super sharp 12in screen on the new MacBook Air to be real
You might see a MacBook Air with Retina Display by September this year

You’ve been hounded with speculations of the next iPhone, Apple’s foray into the wearables space with an iWatch, possible new features for the iPad and now, to come full circle, there’s one about the upcoming MacBook Air.

According to a new report by DigiTimes, the new MacBook Air will be blessed with a super sharp 12in screen and will be out in the market sometime during the third quarter of this year. If the rumours are to be believed, it will sit alongside Apple’s recently upgraded and cheaper 11in and 13in line-up.

It also went on to explain some specifics of the unit, which, according to the grapevine, will look almost identical to the current versions (read: same old skinny silver chasis), with a few changes to its internal bits.

But these alterations will not reflect on the 11in and 13in units, making it solely exclusive to the 12in model.

It's all about the screen

You may expect a new MacBook Air by September this year

You can also expect it to have a Retina display, like Apple’s newer MacBook Pro laptops, and a possibly thinner frame as compared to the MacBook Airs available now.

DigiTimes’ predictions could be right on mark if you pull together other sources that have been spilling some beans on the upcoming MacBook Air.

Past rumours from Canalys analyst, Daniel Matte, point to a Retina display with 2732 x 1536 resolution while other leaks come courtesy of Chinese site Weiphone, which speaks of a 12in MacBook with a fanless design and new trackpad.

There’s no solid word yet on pricing details but if it debuts in the third quarter as per DigiTimes’ predictions, it won’t be too far from the usual RM4000 mark.

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