You have the bigger iPhone 6, is it time for a smaller iPhone mini?

Rumours circulate of a 4in Apple smartphone
You have the bigger iPhone 6, is it time for the smaller iPhone mini?

It was evident that Apple was targeting big-screened lovers when it took the wraps off its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones. And it did make the right move – it’s been reported that the iPhone 6 Plus holds 41 per cent of all phablet sales in the US itself.

So now, it’s only human that we’re expecting greater and bolder moves from Apple. Rumour has it that the next time the tech conglomerate unveils a new smartphone, it will be for a different market segment again.

All you small iPhone desirers, it’s time for you to rejoice – word’s out that there’s going to be a smaller iPhone coming soon. How small you ask? According to a Taiwanese source,, it’s apparently 4in small.

The source allegedly quotes parts suppliers for Apple, who claim that this new 4in iPhone, names iPhone mini, will hit markets sometime next year. They also highlighted that Apple was doing this to gain more popularity amongst women (naturally, since they’ve got smaller hands than men) and tap into the one-hand user segment. 

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But besides this little nugget of information, nothing else about the device was disclosed. Sorry – no specs, no looks, and no pricing details were leaked.

And whether this unofficial device will be the next iPhone or unveiled together with the next i-smartphone (just like the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus), or maybe even remain in history as just a rumour, is still unclear. If this does happen, you'll still have the smaller iPhone 5s (beggers can't be chosers).  

With Apple possibly looking to revamp its smartphone line-up – there have been speculation of the company discontinuing the iPhone 5c to streamline its offerings – maybe size does matter over price. We’ll just have to wait to learn more. 

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