You could have near-bionic hearing for just US$179

At least you don't actually have to lose your hearing for this

Doppler Labs has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a pair of earbuds named Here. It is a pair of earbuds that allows you to selectively listen in on your surroundings and amplify hearing for certain environments. When properly adjusted, it allows you to hear a person from across the room, hear your dining partner better in a crowded restaurant and understand your friends better in parties or concerts.

Here is how it works: on the external side of the earbuds are microphones which pick up the sounds around you and travel through a digital signal processor (DSP). The sound is then played into your ears without any perceivable latency. With a smartphone app you can control how the DSP behaves, almost like having a volume and equaliser for eachsound that goes into your ears.

You can’t really buy the earbuds yet but you can pre-purchase them on Kickstarter for US$179 and if the company reaches its goal of US$250k, expect delivery in December.

[source : Digitaltrends]