You can't touch this... toilet

Hygiene is taken to new technological heights with a toilet you don't even have to touch to flush
You can't touch this...toilet

Ever get grossed out by having to visit public toilets? Then Kohler deserves the Nobel Peace Prize (or something like it) for making it an option not to touch your toilet (other than while using it, of course). All you need to do is hover your hand over the tank and it'll flush without you needing to (eww) touch the handle.

Sounds neat, right? Kohler even insists that it is not at all hard to modify your existing toilet. Yes, you don't need to buy a new toilet bowl, just buy a handy kit from Kohler and you're all set. Kohler's website proudly pronounces: "The touchless flush kit is simple to install, battery-operated, and fits most toilets."

But if you're in the market for a new toilet bowl, you can get all classy with the single piece San Souci model, or save a few bucks with the Cimarron toilets instead.

No touching, but please let there be washing

Sadly the no-flush toilet kit is only compatible with the canister and flapper style toilets, so if you have an old-school ballcock type or the dual-flush top flush then you're out of luck.

The kit, if your toilet can use it, costs a not-too-pricey US$99 (RM320) . It's a small price to pay for less germs to come into contact with.

How does Kohler manage this touchless magic? They claim to use a special sensing technology atop that "projects an electromagnetic field that is both extremely accurate and reliable."

You need to use batteries for the kit, though, and the technology doesn't have any watersaving benefits unlike the dual-flush method. But if you have people at home who are extra queasy about touching toilet flush handles, then this might be worth the investment.

Now we look forward to technology that yells at people if they do things like put their feet on toilet lids, forget to flush or, horror of horrors, not know how to aim properly.

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