You Can Soon Auto-Delete Your Google Location Tracking Data

It will track up to three or 18 months and then it will be deleted

It's really disturbing to think that Google keeps track of all your activity - not just in your search and browsing history. It even keeps track of your location too, which some may see as an invasion of privacy and turning off your location history setting doesn't help as Google will still track you. 

Well, worry no more. Google is now introducing a feature that will allow you to automatically delete your location history, web and app activity without you having to do it manually. The data will be automatically deleted after ever three or 18 months - depending on which you choose. 

Google will be rolling out the new feature worldwide in the coming weeks. It also comes in addition to the existing options that allow you to delete this data manually. The company also mentions that Location History and Web and App Activity data are the first two bits of user data the feature will be available for, suggesting that the option might soon be available for more of your data.  

To really find out how much Google has tracked on you, be sure to go to your Google account settings > Data & personalization > Web & App Activity/Location History > Manage Activity.