You can perch your tush anywhere with this wearable chair

The Chairless Chair attaches to you like an exoskeleton and snaps to place when you go into a seating position
You can perch your tush anywhere with this wearable chair

Really?! Have we humans gotten so lazy that we need to strap on a wearable chair in addition to all the other wearables already in the market? Well, if the idea of one has got you hot and bothered, this chairolution will blow your mind.

The Chairless Chair (yep, that’s what it’s called), created by a Swiss start-up named noonee, conforms to you like an exoskeleton when you wear it and allows you to walk and run as per normal, so it’s not like you have a stool glued to your rear (but we think it’s halfway there).

We know you’re dying to know how it works – of course, you need to be strapped in first. It goes around your hips and thighs and there’s an aluminium and carbon fibre frame that moulds to the back of your legs.

Ready, squat, sit

When you want to have a seat, squat into your preferred seating position and press a button to lock the chair in place. Voila! You’re seated on an invisible chair. The magic behind it is a battery-powered system that relieves your lower back and legs from body weight by directing and supporting it into your heels.

Putting aside lazy human use for it, it actually has a constructive purpose.  

“The Chairless Chair is designed for use in dynamic as well as static factory environments that are faced with a lack of space to install ergonomic chairs. In the future, this technology will also be available for other markets such as rehabilitation and physiotherapy,” noonee’s website notes.

Sources claim it will be trialled with BMW production line workers in Germany first in September, in addition to another with Audi later this year before it gets the go-ahead for mass production. 

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[Source and image: Huffington Post