You Can Now See How Much Toll Costs With Waze In Malaysia

The feature has been available in other countries for about a year now

Both Waze and Google Apps have the ability to calculate estimated toll costs but only in selected countries, so the feature has never made its way to Malaysia. But now it looks like Waze has finally opened the feature to Malaysians, as you can now see how much it will cost to take that quicker route.

This is a great feature to have, especially since highways such as PLUS do not have Touch n Go reloads available at their tolls any longer.

Lowyat has checked to see if all tolls were truly calculated and according to them it does work for most tolls. So far the only ones who don't have a price displayed yet includes the Kajang station on the North-South Expressway, from Mid Valley City to KLIA. But as Waze depends on community feedback and map editors, we can expect all this to be updated in due time.

Be sure to update your Waze app and use this feature to help calculate your route and ensure you have enough money on your Touch n Go card when you use a toll route.