You can now register your interest for new iPhones with your favourite telcos

DiGi, U Mobile and Celcom have started with Maxis 'coming soon'

It's confirmed that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are coming to Malaysia Oct 16, but pricing and plans have yet to be revealed. Telcos have started registering users who wish to get a unit so expect units to be highly in demand for the first couple of weeks after launch.

Celcom is the only telco so far that is officially having preorders, starting Oct 9 at selected Blue Cube outlets, which will pretty much guarantee subscribers a unit on launch day.

As for DiGi, it has a registration of interest form up, but no preorders as yet. U Mobile also has a pre-registration form as well.

Maxis however has just copied Apple's iPhone 6S page wholesale on its own site, but is likely to put up its own registration of interest forms in the next couple of days. No pricing has been revealed but expect the new iPhones to cost considerably more than last year's models, thanks to the ringgit's depreciation to the US dollar. Best start saving those pennies quick, or just settle for last year's models whose prices have increased slightly but are significantly cheaper than the new iPhones.