You can now pre-order Jolla’s crowdfunded tablet

The tablet is now open for sale to even non-backers

A year ago, Jolla was pitched on a crowdfunding site with their personalised OS, running on an Intel 64-bit quad-core CPU, displayed by a 7.85-inch high resolution screen and software features that were improved by suggestions from the community. Finally, the device is now ready for pre-order even if you didn’t pitch in for the Kickstarter fund for around €267.

The price may vary due to exchange rates and as the tablet is from Finland, there may be an additional 24 per cent VAT that is applied in its product page. The OS that it is running on is based on a revised version of Sailfish OS, which is mostly navigated with gestures instead of buttons. It was pretty unfriendly for their smart phone but the company has cleaned it up quite a bit since then.

Once ordered, you may need to wait for a couple of months before you receive the physical hardware to play with.

[source : Engadget]