You can now make video calls on WhatsApp

The popular messaging app adds the much needed feature at last

Is the only time WhatsApp isn’t your default chat app is when you need to make a video call? Well, you never have to anymore with WhatsApp’s latest update. 

WhatsApp's new video-calling abilities are officially rolling out to Android, iOS, and Windows devices over the "coming days".

Once the update is available to you, all you have to do is tap on the phone icon to connect with the person of your choice. The option to make either a video or voice call will pop up and you’re well on your way to forgetting that any other messaging app exists.

With this added feature, it’s going to get even harder for other messaging apps to take back the lion’s share of the chat pie. Sure, it’s nothing revolutionary but the simplicity of the app’s UI has always been its biggest draw. Stay uncomplicated, WhatsApp.

While Facebook’s long game with owning both WhatsApp and Messenger remains unclear, what’s clear is we’d pick the green over the blue any day. No funny moves now, Zuckerberg. 

Source: WhatsApp