You Can Now Have Android On The Nintendo Switch - Unofficially

You can now Netflix and chill with the Switch

The possibility of Android being on the Nintendo Switch has been around since last year; when an exploit was found that would allow users to run outside code on the Switch. This led to some modding the Switch to run Android on the system, with all the features and tricks that brings along with it.

You can find out in the video how to get Android on the Switch. It's possible to run the Android system off an SD card (as shown by this video from xdadevelopers) so you don't have to install it on the system itself. With that, you can turn your Switch into a multimedia and internet device that will also play a ton of older games via emulation.

Gaming is not just the only thing you can do with the Switch now; you can also use it to watch Netflix! The seamless docking enables you to resume watching your favourite shows even on TV. Your controls are the Joy-Cons and they work natively making it pretty cool.

Of course, don't expect other Android essentials like GPS, mic or camera and there will be a number of bugs such as Joy-Cons not working in selected programs, but for what you can get it's still pretty cool. Do take note that this is unofficial though, and if you're a hard Nintendo stan who doesn't like modifying their unit, you should stay away from this. But if you're curious as to how this will work, you can download the program and find out all that you need here.