You can now get yourself a Pebble smartwatch for less than US$100

Okay, it's US$99, a dollar shy from the hundred mark, but more importantly, Pebble’s first smartwatch is now available at a more affordable price
Pebble’s slashed the prices of its smartwatch range

Think the Apple Watch is too expensive? Plus, it's not even available yet. Maybe you should opt for Pebble’s smartwatch range now that it costs US$99, a huge US$50 cut from its original price.

Read that again if you have to. It's true.

From today, Pebble’s low-end smartwatch, based on current conversion rates, will cost around RM324, while the Pebble Steel (basically the same unit in a metal body) will cost you US$199 (RM652). That’s a dip in value of about RM164 as compared to what they retailed at before, making it one of the cheapest smartwatches in the market.

Sources claim that the reason behind Pebble’s price-slashing move is the proliferation of such wearable technology in recent times, especially with Apple joining the bandwagon and announcing the Apple Watch.  

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Considering that most of the tech vendors are dipping their toes into the smartwatch sphere and making more than one iteration of it, we think it’s a wise move for Pebble to cut on price and stay competitive. This will avoid the issue of people putting off buying a smartwatch until their preferred high-profile vendor outs theirs.  

In addition to lowering the cost of its units, Pebble’s also released a software update that unlocks the device’s fitness-tracking features. This refresh will let you track your sleep pattern and the number of steps you take in a day, allowing the smartwatch to work with software from Misfit, Jawbone, and (a swimming workout tracking service).

Pebble’s also opening up your access to its units – it’s included a handful more retailers in the US and the UK. Stuff’s contacted Pebble for comment and local pricing details, which we’ll update the story with as soon as we get them; stay tuned. 

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