You can now flirt on Tinder using Snapchat features

This new photo sharing option called Moments lets you send selfies for the sole purpose of knowing your matches better
You can now flirt on Tinder using Snapchat features

It’s what all you Tinder-ers have been waiting for – a Snapchat-like feature that lets you take sexy selfies of yourself (or other boring images) and send it to those hot matches of yours.

Swiping across photos might be fun, until you’re faced with a match with no words to break the ice. Up till now, some of you might have used cheesy pick-ups or gone with the traditional “hi” to spark up a conversation, but now, instead of that, you can start the conversation with a simple picture.

Called Moments, the feature not only picks from Snapchat, it’s got some from Instagram too. You can take a picture or a selfie of yourself, veil it with a filter, and add overlaid text or doodles before sharing it with your matches.

And for all of you that have been wondering, yes, the snaps do disappear but not instantaneously as on Snapchat; Moments will make available your image to matches for 24 hours only (don't let that fool you into sending provocative photos - a great amount of damage can be done within a span of 24 hours).

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Tinder steps up its game

You can now flirt on Tinder using Snapchat features

This new photo sharing option might actually alter the way people use the popular dating app.

According to Tinder CEO, Sean Rad, though the app doesn’t have a dwindling user base problem, the tool enables its users with more talking points and keeps even its most gallant users engaged on it because images are becoming the most popular communication mode.

“We’re approaching two billion matches, and we’ve built a product that helps break down the barriers when it comes to making new relationships. But in the process of forming so many new connections, we realised users need a better way to get to know their matches.”

And with Moments, use it wisely and better get to know your matches you will. 

[Source: Wired]

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