You can now buy an Apple iMac for less than RM3500

Apple's dialled down the specs of its all-in-one but retained the chassis and screen. It could even be a bargain
Apple introduces cheaper new entry-level iMac

Apple has rolled out a brand new entry-level iMac desktop priced at just RM3500. OK, RM3500 isn't exactly chump change and would buy you a pretty serious Windows all-in-one, but for an Apple desktop, it's something of a steal.

The 21.5in model looks the same on the outside as the rest of the current range, but offers slightly more modest specifications than the previous entry-level model (introduced in September 2013, and still available for RM4299). Thankfully, the sumptuous 1920x1080 IPS screen is retained.

The new model is £150 cheaper than the previous entry-level iMac

There’s a 1.4GHz Intel Core i5 dual-core processor, 8GB of memory and 500GB hard drive, with graphics processing coming courtesy of Intel HD Graphics 5000. Storage is the only configurable spec: you can upgrade to a 1TB hard drive for RM170, a 1TB Fusion drive for RM850, or a 256GB flash for RM850.

The new iMac doesn’t strike us as much of a powerhouse on paper – you won’t be buying this for 4K video encoding or hardcore gaming at native resolution – but its specs are more than capable of handling everyday tasks, and if you dial settings down most modern games will run.

You can order one today from the online Apple Store.

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