You can finally order your very own Blocks modular smartwatch

The one smartwatch to rule them all lands on Kickstarter at long last

Over the past few years, the Blocks smartwatch has probably entered your gadget radar on more than one occasion. The do-it-all smartwatch has sent many a tech-heads heart racing with its modular design, and now you can finally pre-order one.

The idea behind the Blocks smartwatch is to let users tailor its features according to their needs. While the core watch component houses the processor and all the various sensors you'd expect to find in a modern smartwatch, it's the watch link modules that make this timepiece so special.

Each module can house anything from an NFC component for contactless payment, to an extra battery for prolonged battery life, and even a SIM slot for phone-free operation.

Other modules include cameras, air quality sensors and GPS smarts, letting you tailor the watch depending on whether you're at work, going for a hike, or are on a long night out.

It's a similar concept to Google's Project Ara smartphones, and is the realisation of a concept that many gadget fans have been dreaming about for years.

The Blocks smartwatch runs on its own platform, which will be opened up to developers so that they can create their own modules. It'll work with both iOS and Android devices too, and the modular version is available to pre-order from US$250 (about RM1050) on Kickstarter, right now.