Yoshi's Woolly World is so adorable that we're coming apart at the seams

When the world's cutest dinosaur meets craft materials, hearts melt.

We knew that Yoshi's Woolly World would be cute, but we had no idea how cute.

Thanks Nintendo E3 live stream we just got a glimpse into this plush platformer and can now confirm that we're all feeling broody.

Yoshi comes packed with exta adorable (or annoying, dependent on how you feel about wool) game mechanics: Instead of eating enemies and laying them as eggs, Yoshi lays little yarn balls that follow him around. He can even use those yarn balls to create platforms in mid air. Yarn poop is just too cute.

If that wasn't enough sweetness for you, then eat this: Big Y will be getting his own knitted Amiibo statue. It's just all too much.


Yoshi's Woolly World is landing on Wii U on 16th October.