Yes, Apple is investigating the massive celebrity photo leak from iCoud

No, it's not saying anything else. You know what's more worrying than non-celebrity nude selfies? Sensitive information being leaked
Apple investigating massive celebrity photo leak

It wasn't a good Monday for Apple when nude photos of celebrities that included Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna splashed on the Internet and iCloud was blamed. The buzz right now that a vulnerability in iCloud could have allowed hackers to use brute force to access accounts is strong and angry celebrities (such as Kirsten Dunst) have been quick to lambast Apple.

Of course Apple is in full PR mode right now, saying that it is actively investigating the matter though not currently going as far as to acknowledge fault, saying that Apple does "take user privacy very seriously".

Two-factor could have prevented it

Apple investigating massive celebrity photo leak

4Chan, that bastion of Internet dirt and puerility, has been where the pictures were first put up. The pictures now have spread across the Internet, showing up on Twitter, Reddit and other social media.

Some security experts have said that a simple tactic might have kept those photos safe: two-factor authentication. It is a feature that Apple calls two-step verification but the experts say that Apple doesn't do enough to encourage users to implement that feature.

Even worse, the feature is buried deep within support documentation and Apple's products tend to appeal to people who want the least to do with documentation in the first place.

Google has long implented two-factor authentication for its email service. Apple on the other hand, allows an unlimited number of password guesses allowing for the use of brute force technology to guess passwords. That vulnerability has since been patched, however.

With its plans to venture further into mobile payment, Apple needs to really look into ensuring its users no longer take the oblivious, too-trusting stance on security. Apple's popularity now makes it a enticing target for hackers, more than before. Apple users, don't panic and immediately jump ship as let's face it: security will always be a concern no matter the platform.

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