Yashica's mock-analogue camera is all about the experience

Yashica emulates what it's like to change rolls of film without the messy development process

Yashica has been gone a long time from the photography scene, but has come back with an interestingly quirky camera.

For the nostalgic

Most youngsters will never know the pain and hassle of analogue photography. No buying expensive rolls of film, leaving them at development studios and crossing fingers they'll turn out OK. But Yashica wants to offer digital cartridges that allow the experience of swapping rolls out, but without the need to develop them.

Instead, each digital roll will come packed with different effects and aspect ratios. Instead of manually configuring modes, you swap out rolls instead. All the images will then be saved to an SD card.

These rolls are called 'digiFilms' and come in four types: 1600 High Speed, ISO 400 Black & White, ISO 200 Ultra Fine (standard mode) and 6x6 120 Format (ISO 200).

As for the camera itself, it takes inspiration from Yashica's Electro 35 which features a 1/32.in CMOS sensor that shoots 14MP photos as well as a 35mm f/2.8 glass lens.

With such limiting specs, what exactly would the appeal be for the camera? It's pretty much a nod to nostalgia - as well as being able to show off a vintage-looking camera without needing to develop film from said camera.

Apparently enough people believe in the project that it's already fully funded on Kickstarter, with 39 days to go. Early bird pricing starts from HKD968 (RM525) and ships to anywhere in the world.

[Source: Petapixel]